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As we seek to be faithful followers of Jesus in the midst of this global COVID-19 crisis, we walk confidently in Christ and responsibly for our neighbors. As the Church, we will be seeking to help those who are affected or vulnerable to this virus by launching: FRONTPORCH: Grocery Delivery for the Elderly, Immunocompromised, & COVID-19 Affected Families around Birmingham, AL.

This buddy system is intended to prevent vulnerable individuals from going to the store and needlessly exposing themselves to the coronavirus. Data has proven that limiting exposure is key to preventing illness in the most vulnerable. However, we understand that there are many who fall into this category that do not have family nearby to assist them. We implore these folks to sign up for our Frontporch buddy system.

To aid those who are most vulnerable during this crisis, volunteers will be paired with a buddy for whom they will complete shopping & delivery of groceries. Volunteers will be repaid for groceries by the recipient upon delivery of their groceries. Guidelines will apply. Click above for more info on how you can serve!

A buddy will be paired with you who will contact you via phone or email to work out a time for delivering needed groceries to your frontporch. A receipt will be left and repayment can be made in cash, check, or Venmo to the volunteer. No additional fees, tips, or money should be given to the volunteer.

While we do not currently have contributions set up, we will be working on getting gas gift cards and extra hand sanitizers for volunteers to help with costs for sanitized transportation of groceries. Contact Christ Church for more information on how you can contribute.

*Map pins do not reflect exact locations of volunteers or need, but is approximate to protect privacy.