Porch Swing


Thank you for your interest in being a church partner.

Church partners will join our Google mapping database that displays to the community how your church can assist them. Ways churches can assist may be vast and might include things like:

• praying or talking over the phone with people in the community

• providing counseling services

• buying groceries and supplies for a family experiencing financial distress

• offering small groups or Bible studies online

• providing spiritual resources, such as Bibles or books, for free

• being willing to discuss:

• feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, depression, or other mental and emotional health needs

• the hope we have in Jesus Christ

• Who is God? Who is Jesus? What is the Gospel? How do I know if I am saved?

• How can I read the Bible? Where do I start?

When you sign up as a church partner, please include contact info for the community on how they can reach you, how your church is willing to assist the community. Only authorized representatives of the church (that have been given permission by their pastor or church leadership team) may sign up their church as a partner.

After you sign up, let your church family know that Frontporch is a resource they can use and in which they can volunteer. 

Frontporch does not have any specific theological affiliation, but is a Kingdom ministry that seeks to be flexible by taking community needs and allowing the church to participate in meeting those needs.

Because Frontporch is not an official 501(c)3, we do not accept funds directly. Instead, we seek to connect the community with the resources of the Church in this unique time. There is a small fund managed by Christ Church Birmingham for gas cards for volunteers who may need it and any other needs that may arise. In order to remain as transparent as possible, after this crisis has been overcome, anyone can make a financial records request to amber@wearefrontporch.com to see how funds were utilized.

If you have questions, reach out to amber@wearefrontporch.com or call at 205.901.4920.

May the Church be salty and bright in this time of need!