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IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE WITH A GROCERY DELIVERY IN BIRMINGHAM, AL: for those above 60 years old, the immunocompromised, & families who have tested positive for COVID-19: CLICK HERE.


Out of love for our elderly & immunocompromised, we are launching a buddy system that will prevent vulnerable individuals from going to the store and needlessly exposing themselves to the coronavirus. Data has proven that limiting exposure is key to preventing illness in the most vulnerable. However, we understand that there are many who fall into this category that do not have family nearby to assist them. We implore these folks to reach out to our buddy system that we will be calling Frontporch. A buddy will be paired with you who will contact you via phone or email to work out a time for delivering needed groceries or medications to your frontporch. A receipt will be given and repayment can be made in cash, check, or Venmo to the volunteer. No additional fees or tips or money should be given to the volunteer.

Alternatively, your buddy could:


• meet you at the store so that you do not have to touch anything

• call to check in on you

• pray for you

In addition, families who have become exposed to the virus and must self-quarantine can request a buddy as well. These volunteer buddies will operate in the same way for the entirety of your quarantine by leaving groceries on the frontporch. For COVID-affected homes, we recommend no exchange of cash or check due to virus exposure, but instead using a payment service such as Venmo to repay for groceries delivered.




In an effort to serve the elderly, the immunocompromised, and families who have been infected by COVID-19, we are launching a Church effort called Frontporch. While we do not move out of fear, we do want to be responsible in not spreading the coronavirus to those most vulnerable. Frontporch is an effort to prevent contact with the virus by allowing an assigned buddy to complete your weekly shopping or pharmacy pick up at no delivery cost. Groceries can be paid back via cash, check, or Venmo upon arrival and receiving a receipt.




Deliveries are to be determined by the volunteer and recipient.




Groceries will be delivered directly to the home of the recipient. If the recipient had COVID-19, the recipient will send payment only for the groceries via Venmo. The volunteer will leave the groceries on the frontporch to prevent contact with the virus.




To protect and love the sick and most vulnerable among us.




Frontporch neighbors can sign up as recipients or volunteers by going online to to fill out proper forms. Alternatively, the Frontporch Coordinator can be emailed at or by texting or calling at 205.901.4920.

The point of this initiative is to protect the vulnerable within our community from contraction of the virus. Therefore, social distancing and strict hygiene practices should be implemented, including:

• no hugging or shaking hands
• remaining 6 feet away from one another
• hand sanitizer utilized by volunteers before shopping, after shopping, and before delivering




Any questions may be directed to